UL, ULC, LPCB, Intertek, Vds Certified

Context Plus  Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Equipment

Unlike conventional fire alarm systems, Context Plus analogue addressable systems use ‘intelligent’ detectors, sounders and call points that communicate constantly with the control panel, reporting a vast amount of data almost ‘invisibly’. This sophisticated communication system allows a degree of control and reporting unattainable with conventional systems. Very accurate control and monitoring of many parameters is easily achievable, without the need for expensive and complex wiring schemes.

One of the main advantages of an analogue system over a four wire conventional system is that a total of 126 addressable detection and output devices can be wired in a single loop configuration.

Key features of the Context Plus range of analogue addressable fire alarm equipment include:

  • A wide choice of fire alarm control panels (including the XFP range of 1-2 loop panels, the IFP range of 2-8 loop touchscreen-controlled panels and the FirePlus range of 4-32 loop panels)
  • A powerful panel networking facility
  • Digital protocol for error-free transmission
  • A choice of DIL switch or ‘XPERT’ card addressed smoke and heat detectors
  • A wide range of sounders, beacons and sounder/beacons
  • The ability to carry out many additional functions (switch monitoring, etc) via a comprehensive range of compatible interface units.

Context Plus Conventional Fire Alarm Equipment

Context Plus Limited also offers a range of conventional fire alarm equipment including 1-28 zone conventional fire panels, wired and wireless conventional smoke and heat detectors, automatic extinguisher panels, power supplies and more.